Weaver~Hughes Ensemble

Pleasance · 30 Jul - 25 Aug · 4.20pm 1h20m

English Journeys
by Steve Waters

Steve Waters' acclaimed play sets the intimate recollections of a failing couple on the mesmerising open roads of Blair's Britain.

"this first play reveals an exhilaratingly critical voice not heard since the days of Doug Lucie" Herald

Kathy's now driving solo and Peter's attentions are focussed on Joanne, his mysterious 15-year-old travelling companion.

"a powerful new play"  The Times

This Edinburgh premiere is produced by Weaver Hughes Ensemble, an acclaimed London-based new writing company. Playwright Steve Waters' latest work World Music recently had its world premiere at Sheffield's Crucible.

Supported by The Peter Wolff Theatre Trust .

The press on the Edinburgh production…

SUNDAY TIMES 27 July 2003– Critics' Choice

THE LIST 7 August 2003 – Steve Waters' play might have been an Alan Ayckbourn a generation ago, but what's added to the formula speaks eloquently of new discontents, where middle class ennui and self-destructiveness have a definable, ideological and historical source. In it, Katherine and Peter, two former radicals of the Thatcher years, are now Blairite apparatchicks, one a barrister, the other a Eurocrat. Their marriage has collapsed, their baby is abandoned and each takes to the motorways, literally and metaphorically lost. Peter picks up Jo, a teen ager who seems to be the nihilistic spawn of their philosophical poverty. Nicely performed and bleakly atmospheric, this play investigates the blank space left by 20 years of post-modern apoliticality. Dark and very perceptive brainfood.

THREE WEEKS 6 August 2003 – A car, you'd think, would not be the ideal venue for theatre that is much more than slightly tense; especially a car which is merely represented by a pair of headlights and a steering column on an otherwise normal stage - but this piece does have much to recommend it.

THE LIST 21 August 2003 – Listed as one of the Top Ten highlights of the theatre productions at the festival.

Photo by Anne Marie Bickerton, Photomontage by www.modulemedia.co.uk
photograph of Melissa DArcy as Jo by Laurie Young

Previews 30 July - 2 August 4 2 for 1 3, 4 August 7
9, 10, 16, 17, 21-24 Aug 8 (6.50)
Other dates 7 (5.50)
No performance Tuesdays

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