Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision

by Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson

Starring Mel Giedroyc (Mel & Sue)

Barb Jungr

Barb Jungr
Sings Bob Dylan

Bill Hicks:
Slight Return

Bridget Christie - The Court of King Charles

Certified Male

David Benson: Nothing But Pleasure

Almost Eurovision

God's Pottery
Saves The World

Hamell on Trial
The Terrorism Of Everyday Life

Hippo World
Guest Book

Johnson & Boswell Late But Live

Lizzie Roper
in Peccadillo Circus


Newley: The Singer And His Songs

Potted Potter
The Unauthorised Harry Experience

A Parody By
Dan And Jeff

Rebus McTaggart

Rebus McTaggart CrimeWarrior

The Last South: Pursuit Of The Pole

Touch by Bill Dare

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Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision heralds the dawn of the interactive musical. The audience votes for their favourite song via text messaging and unlike the real thing, all voting is genuine...
Join your gorgeous hosts Boyka and Sergei, all the contestants and five tons of sequins in sunny, safe secure Sarejevo for this fantastic glamourfest.
Whether you’re in love with Lulu and Lordi, are bonkers for Bucks Fizz and Brotherhood of Man, or simply delirious for Dana International, or if you need to make sense of how Serbia won this year, Eurobeat can’t fail to win your vote.

Reviews from Edinburgh production:

'This celebration of cheesy pop (is) as gloriously camp as the original. The songs themselves are pitch-perfect parodies.' **** Evening Standard (click for full review)

'Oh God - a musical tribute to Eurovision? Yep, predictably this noisy rabble-rousing spectacle - ten songs, a recorded introduction by Wogan, ridiculous outfits, voting by mobile to finish - is about as camp as Graham Norton listening to Bucks Fizz in a camper van... this is far better than expected.. it has a sharp sense of humour and bags of personality. Eat your heart out Scooch - this show's a winner' ***** Metro

'Here's where you need to be... Eurobeat does (it) with affection, charm and lashings of camp... a silly show, perfect for a drunken night out, but it's also a deceptively clever one, equally enjoyable sober' **** The Scotsman (click for full review)

Reviews from Australian production:

‘Dazzles with kitschy brilliance and beguiles with its spoofy, all-embracing multicultural humour… an epically delirious hoot!’ Variety

‘Immense, well-observed fun... authentically over-the-top’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Serves up a cultural smorgasbord, with extra cheese. It is impossible to to tell who are the true stars of the show: the hilarious hosts, the superb singers, the dazzling choreography or the outrageous songs themselves’ The Advertiser

‘You don't need to be a Eurovision fan to appreciate this. I implore you: go see.’ Independent Weekly

Pictures above show Australian cast.

Pleasance Courtyard
(Venue 33)

2 - 27 August 2007
Days off: 14 & 21
Tickets £5 - £12.50

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0131 556 6550
0131 226 0000

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