Musical Comedy

On The Island Of Aars

by Chris Larner and Mark Stevens

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The Fairies


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Noël Coward

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and Raleigh
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On The Island
Of Aars

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By Dan And Jeff

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The Tiger Lillies Seven
Deadly Sins

X-Files Impov with Dean Haglund

Zoe Gardner's Fault

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The new show from the creators of The Translucent Frogs of Quuup (Guardian Best Musical Award 2004).

Come and join us on Aars: a rock off Scotland, so remote that only the north wind remembers it.

There you’ll find Hamish MacSurname, a dour, hectoring puritan and The Donald of Donald who is not nearly so liberal. The Donald will hold no truck with anything nice. Biscuits for example: works of the devil. Hamish MacSurname does at least permit singing, which is fortunate as he is in a musical. The two men hate each other with a passion that only the ecumenically deranged can sustain.

Stuck between them is Morag McMac, the sweetest flower of womanhood that ever plucked Haggis. Morag believes that the island is a giant turtle, sleeping in the sea. She is clearly insane. Or is she? None of them know about cave-dweller Dave Bladgett, ex Tungsten Orkid (the Stourbridge sweat-metal band), who has delusions of being a narrator.

Into this eccentric idyll comes a stranger: a voracious Dutch Health & Safety officer, whose arrival threatens the very existence of Aars. Hamish won't tolerate it, neither will The Donald. Dave Bladgett probably won't, once he wakes up. And Morag is falling in love. Something must be done…

'The funniest, nuttiest show on the fringe.'
Daily Telegraph on The Translucent Frogs of Quuup


Pleasance Courtyard
(Venue 33)

30 July - 25 August
(except 6 & 13 Aug)
2.10pm - 3.20pm

Online Booking

Offline Booking
0131 556 6550
0131 226 0000

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