Another Paradise

by Sayan Kent

Another Paradise

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A dark satire about love, confused identity and being sent to Coventry. This new play is set in a world not so far in the future where ID cards are compulsory. The system is already crumbling.

Identity fraud is endemic; identities are being accidentally lost, corrupted and even deleted. But the all powerful system still decides who you are, even if you are sure you are really someone else…

Five characters’ work lives, home lives, even their love lives are thrown into confusion and chaos when their official identities disintegrate.

This premiere comes from Kali Theatre Company, who specialise in new writing by female Asian writers.

'I started to write this play when the identity card debate began to hot up. The potential for things to go wrong is too great to ignore. What will it actually mean if all our personal information is at the fingertips of a civil servant, or a hacker? If ID cards become reality, it will move us as a nation into surreal territory. And that’s just where my play is set...' Sayan Kent


Club West at Surgeons Hall

3-25 August
4.45pm - 6.35pm

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0131 226 0000
0131 527 1562

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