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Ed Hamell’s first UK residency at the Edinburgh fringe 2007 won a handful of five star reviews and delighted audiences. He returns to Underbelly for 2008 with his own very special brand of shock and awe.

This updated version of the show has new material and new songs but at its core, once again, lies Hamell’s unique and acclaimed mix of angry, political music and stand-up comedy.

Take a sideways glance at contemporary America through Ed Hamell’s experiences of pizza delivery, drug addiction and fatherhood with the help of his 1937 Gibson guitar. The show delves into Hamell’s life, from falling in love and growing into a (semi) responsible adult and parent with his wife, to recollections of the bizarre jobs he held down before his performing career took off and tales of drug-fuelled mayhem from his youth.

The show concept was born from an invitation for Ed to perform at a benefit. With no band to accompany him, he borrowed an acoustic guitar, and delivered a stunning performance inspired by the characters he’d encountered working in a New York bar. That material was the foundation of his album Choochtown, which he recorded for $250 – an investment that paid dividends for the worldwide exposure it brought. He has since developed a full-length show which tracks his journey through life using his hard-hitting yet irresistibly funny performance style.

The Terrorism Of Everyday Life is directed by Kate Valentine

'Hamell is Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson and Joe Strummer all rolled into one sweaty, snarling, pugnacious pit bull of a man. And he's scabrously, filthily, twistedly funny.' Philadelphia Weekly

‘Street-wise, packed with great one-liners and righteous in its fury.' **** Scotland on Sunday

‘Pathos without sentiment and comment without compromise… This is a performer at his peak.'
***** The Herald (Angel Award Winner 2007)


Baby Belly 1
(Venue 88)

18 - 24 August 5.40pm - 6.40pm (not 22 August)


0844 545 8252
0131 226 0000

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