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Adapted and directed by David Benson
from the diaries of Captain Alexander Stewart

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My Grandfather's Great War

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Adapted from the diaries of Captain Alexander Stewart, this new solo drama interweaves the First World War journals with the contemporary perspective of his grandson, the actor Cameron Stewart.

With its autobiographical aspect and a dark thread of comedy emerging from the most unlikely of situations, this undeniably powerful account compares the very different lives led by young men from generations at opposite ends of the twentieth century.

The diaries, as heard on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, are published under the title A Very Unimportant Officer by Hodder this June.

Renowned, award-winning solo performer David Benson adapts and directs this production, which features many of the hallmarks that set Benson's solo work apart from the crowd. He can also be seen this fringe in David Benson Sings Noël Coward.


"Ninety years ago my grandfather wrote a very personal and graphic account of his time on the Somme in the Great War. He typed three copies and called it 'The Experiences of a Very Unimportant Officer in France and Flanders during 1916 - 1917.' Until now it has only been read by one or two members of my family and close friends. But now, as his grandson, I would like to share this amazing piece of personal history of his time in the trenches as an officer serving with the Scottish regiment The Cameronians. This account brings to life the reality and horror of what happened to him in those war-torn fields. I hope you will find it equally fascinating." Cameron Stewart

"Capt Alexander Stewart's handwritten diary describes the grim reality of the Somme and other battles with a wry sense of humour similar to Capt Edmund Blackadder in the famous BBC comedy."
Daily Telegraph

"His recollections are punctuated with a dry humour that one can only admire. But in a typically moving passage, he describes how each of his men clambered out of the trenches into no man's land, without the "sound of drum, pipes or trumpet to encourage him...slowly moving across an open space with a certain knowledge that he would be killed or wounded." No fanfare, the prospect of serious danger: reading this portrayal of bravery reminds me very much of visiting our troops in conflicts today."
David Cameron MP


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