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X-Files Impov with Dean Haglund

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Dean Haglund played computer geek Langly for nine seasons of cult sci-fi series The X-Files. In this new show premiered to great acclaim at the Edinburgh fringe 2007, Haglund improvises a new X-Files episode at each performance, using audience suggestions.

The resulting mayhem will delight fans of the long-running series and those who've never seen a single episode alike. Haglund's improvisational skills were honed alongside stars of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and his ability to spin hilarious scenarios from the simplest of ideas never fails to entertain.

'Stupidly funny. Haglund's amiable quick wit making this a must for fans and good clean fun for everybody else.' **** The List

'Haglund works with the audience to delicious advantage, with tremendous speed and goodwill.' **** The Scotsman

'Irresistibly ridiculous.' The Guardian

'A happy, inclusive affair that is not just for those who know their Smoking Man from their, er – can anyone actually remember anything else about The X-Files other than the Smoking Man?' The Times

'It might be nearly six years since Mulder and Scully were last in action but the sci-fi phenomenon that was The X-Files will not die. A new movie is due for release this summer, and for fans who cannot wait - and have a sense of humour - this live, improvised solo comic version starring cast member Dean Haglund plugs the gap. Last night - and probably every night in different ways - the emphasis was on pure silliness. A giraffe-badger-monkey mutant was on a killing spree and had to be tracked down. Haglund enlisted the help of various fans to play his supporting cast and provide sound effects. Anyone who remembers Channel 4's pioneering Whose Line Is It Anyway? will immediately recognise the beautiful unpredictability of the format. The experienced star's slick professionalism held things together throughout, keeping spirits up with a combination of high-energy humour and gung-ho enthusiasm. Haglund left everyone wanting more.' Evening Standard


Baby Belly
(Venue 88)

31 July - 17 August

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