The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

3-29 August (not 17 August)

Start time 16:00

Running time 60 minutes

Tickets £6 - £11

Online Bookings:
Venue | Fringe | Comedy Festival

Phone Bookings:
Venue 0131 622 6552
Fringe 0131 226 0000

Official Website

Absolutely spiffing show that recreates the innocent spirit of Forties live radio drama. ****


Vowels are as neatly clipped as the gentlemen's moustaches, upper lips as stiff as their shirt collars, and emotions are kept as concealed as a woman's knee… Huzzah for the Empire's finest!

Mail On Sunday

Dramatic entertainment redolent of a bygone era… recreates its chosen era with just the right mixture of fondness and irreverence… jolly good show, chaps!

The Guardian

Celebrating an age when radio was brand new and radio drama was stuffed with more stereotypes and cut-glass accents than afternoon tea at Lords, Fitzrovia use new material to recreate the spirit of vintage radio plays for a modern audience.

The show includes three rip-roaring tales: George Albion & the War of the Roses, Nazi Firemen in Westminster and Tin! All are new yet delightfully reminiscent of the golden age of radio. Witness vegetables simulating fistfights, thrill to a whisky bottle which is a dead ringer for a Nazi midget submarine and gasp at a watering can playing the roaring Atlantic. All these sound effects, and more, are created live on stage! This new show is sponsored by Clipstone Ceylon Tea!

The Fitzrovians revel in the glamour of a bygone era, from costume and performance to props. They transport audiences to their unique universe - a wonderful imagining of how commercial 1940s radio should have been done. The Fitzrovia Radio Hour lovingly satirise the casual imperialism and stiff upper lips of the period, throwing them into relief with physical comedy and a modern twist to produce a heady comic cocktail.


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